The house at "Lange Straße 79” was built in the year 1748. A fire throughout the town damaged the building in 1766 but it has been continuously restored over the years. Today it forms a beautiful backdrop to the town museum. The museum's rooms boast a complete cobbler's shop from the period around 1900. As far back as the 19th century, this was an important trade in Hagenow. A doll's house room from the period after the war, a kitchen from the 18th to 19th century and the bar lounge, which is over 100 years old, reflect regional life in days gone by. Yet another interesting item is the reconstruction of a soldier's room showing  original items from daily life in East Germany before reunification.

After extensive renovations, the museum granary in the courtyard is again open to visitors. In addition to many kinds of cultural events, exhibitions are also held here.

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